Metal Roof Price Guide for Estimating the Cost of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing continues to gain popularity as homeowners discover its many advantages. As of Jan 2014 the number of new construction jobs using metal roofing jumped to over 11%. If you think of metal roofing as the rusting, ugly stuff you see on farm houses and the barns next to them, you might want to take another look at the  History of Metal Roofs.  Today’s metal roof products are very attractive as well as incredibly durable. You’ll find many different styles, some even replicating the look of a shingled roof while others use classic metal roof design. Read and watch how this contractor install a new metal roof in New England.

You won’t find a more durable roofing material. Most metal roofing comes with a warranty of at least 50 years and can be expected to work well for many years beyond that. Metal roofing is in use today, in excellent condition, that is 100+ years old. That means that adding a metal roof to your home will likely be the last roof you’ll ever need. With minimal maintenance, it will continue to perform and protect for many decades to come. For a good source of metall roofing insight  check out this article from Metal Roofing Alliance

Metal Roofing Price Factors

How much will your metal roof cost? For a ballpark starting price check out How Much Does A New Roof Cost? There are quite a few factors that will affect the price. These include the following:

Type of Metal Roofing: The two basic types of metal roofing are concealed fastener systems and exposed fastener systems. Metal roofs with concealed fasteners are more expensive because they are more challenging to install. They are preferred, however, because they require less maintenance and some consider them more attractive. Discussing your options with metal roofing contractors and getting written estimates is the best way to determine which type of metal roof will best meet your needs and your budget.

Style and Color of the Metal Roof: Classic style metal roofing costs less than that which mimics a shingled roof. Some colors are standard, while others are premium colors and may cost slightly more. Be amazed at how many colors you have to choose from.

Weather and Contractor Demand: The labor cost for installing a metal roof is one of the largest variables and it changes throughout the year. The reason is simple: When contractors are the busiest, prices are the highest. When contractors are less busy, you’ll find lower prices because they offer more competitive bids and may be willing to negotiate lower prices in order to secure the business and keep their crews working. You might also find pricing higher in winter, where winters are cold, due to the added challenges of roofing in cold weather. It’s hard to damage a metal roof, but if recent heavy storms have wreaked havoc, you’ll find costs higher if roofing contractors are busy doing repair work.

Ease or Difficulty of the Job: Do you have a rectangular home with a peak on each end and nothing else? Your job will be easy and bring lower quotes. The more complex your roof is, with dormers, hips, and additional valleys for example, the higher the estimates will be to do the job.

Other Variables: The size of the company may affect the written estimates you receive. Companies that have the crews and the equipment to do the job with greater ease sometimes offer lower estimates. When you are ready to get your home roofed, the best approach is to request multiple estimates form roofing contractors in your area. It always makes sense to get at least 3 written estimates in order to find a quality roofing company with reasonable prices.

What Did You Pay?

We can think of no better way to communicate pricing information to our readers than to ask those who have had a metal roof installed to share with the rest of us. We’d love to hear from you! Tell the rest of our readers about your home. What’s the square footage? How complex is the roof (easy, medium, hard)? What “look” and color did you choose? Where do you live and what time of year was your metal roof installed? What was your total cost (break down material and labor if you’d like to)? Finally, how do you like your metal roof? Would you do it again? Any suggestions on how to go about the process! If you’d like to help, take a few moments to fill out the comment form that is provided below. From the Roofing Tutor and all your fellow readers a HUGE Thank You in advance! You’ll be doing all of us a great service!


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