Which Roofing Materials Last the Longest?

The value of a roof is greatly increased when it lasts a long time.  The roofing materials that last the longest and have the greatest longevity actually turn out to be the least expensive when costs are spread out over their entire lifetime.  If you are looking for a long-term roofing option that you and your kids can rely upon in years to come, here are the top 3 choices.  Slate, metal roofing and tile — these 3 roofing materials last the longest.

Clay Tile

Clay tile is a roofing material with a proven track record for longevity.  It has been used for centuries and has a well-established reputation for beauty and longevity.  The lone caveat is that it does not hold up as well in wooded areas where falling branches can be an issue.  But in the right setting, a clay tile roof can be expected to last for 50 years minimum.

With changes in concrete tile technology, they will last even longer.  The concrete has been reformulated in a variety of ways to produce tiles that are both lighter and tougher, making them nearly indestructible under normal roofing conditions.  Most tile warranties cover the product for 50 years, and not many of them are being paid on due to poor quality or a lack of durability.

Metal Roofing

Perhaps you’ve seen hundred-year old homes and barns in rural areas with metal roofs.  Today’s metal roofs are even more durable and getting 100 years of attractive use from them is to be expected.  Higher-quality finishes are also keeping them looking great longer, without fading and with little surface corrosion.

There is a renewal in metal roofing and every year it is gaining a larger place in the market.  Not only because they are one of the quietest roofing materials on the market, but new designs are elegant and handsome. It is more affordable than many homeowners expect and it has many other advantages as well.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofs have been popular in Europe for hundreds of years and many of the earliest are still in good repair.  Slate is a form of stone of course, and so it is not subjected to deterioration, corrosion, insects, fire or damage from water or the sun.  It is unsurpassed for durability and offers stunning good looks to many of the most luxurious homes and buildings.  Simply put, slate roofing will outlast most of the structures it adorns, unless they are also made of stone.

Finally, not only do these 3 roofing materials last the longest, they each provide a very different appearance.  You’ve got options for selecting the style that best fits the architecture of your home and the look you are seeking to achieve.

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