Where to Find a Qualified and Trustworthy Roofing Contractor

There are many places you could find a roofing contractor but they won’t all yield the same quality of results.  Making a random choice of roofers from the phone book will yield very random results.  It may turn out great; it may be a disaster.  You also never want to consider a roofer who comes to you and knocks on your door, unless its a reputable company that happens to be doing the neighbor’s roof.  Almost all roofing scams are initiated by the scam artist knocking on the door.

So where do you find a roofing contractor you can trust to do a good job?  Here are recommendations for locating and choosing the right roofer for your job.

1. See Contractor Reviews

Angie’s List and other sites like it offer customer-written reviews of all types of contractors, roofers included.  Get a list and make a note of 4-6 companies you read good things about.  Pay attention to what is said about the quality of the work, the fairness of the prices and the level of cleanup done by the crew.

2. Ask Friends and Neighbors for Suggestions

This is like getting firsthand reviews and you’ll hear good stories and bad stories.  When you hear good things about a roofing contractor that is already on your list, make a note.  That kind of affirmation usually indicates they’ll do a good job for you.

3. Search for Contractors Online

If the list generated by your search is an unqualified list, do some checking with review sites to get more information.  Some online sites pre-screen roofing contractors by checking on their credentials and insurance coverage, or by posting customer reviews.  These sites will be more helpful.

4. Call Several Contractors for Written Estimates

Once you’ve heard good things from multiple sources about 3-4 roofing contractors, choose 3 of them to give you a bid.  Ask each one about their experience, the experience of their crew and their license and insurance.  Find out what type of guarantee they offer.  Also ask for references and give them a call if you have any concerns.


Taking your time to find a qualified, experienced and professional roofing contractor will pay dividends in a roof that looks great and performs as it should.  These suggestions for where to look will help you locate the kind of quality roofing contractor you’re looking for.

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