Slate Roofing, Can It Decrease My Energy Costs?

Slate roofing is a green roofing product that will definitely reduce your energy use and your energy costs. However, slate roof prices are among the highest for any roofing material.

If your priority is an energy-friendly roof and price is not a major consideration, then slate should be considered. The benefits of slate roofing go beyond the fact that it is a green roofing material that will cut energy costs.

The Green Advantages of Slate Roofing

There are several reasons why slate is environmentally-friendly. The first is that it has good insulating quality. It will reduce energy use in your home in all seasons when compared with asphalt shingles. Energy savings will vary, but could be as high as 10%, and that’s a significant reduction in your home’s utility bills.

Secondly, slate roofs are rated to last 75-100 years. Many last longer. The fewer roofs your home has, the less carbon emissions will be released in the production of roofing material over the lifetime of the home.

Thirdly, slate is a green roofing material because it can be recycled. It has been estimated that up to roofing material accounts for up to 5% of the waste stream sent to landfills. Slate will never enter that stream!

Energy reduction will save you money as well as reduce your energy use. That’s just one of the great things about this environmentally-friendly roofing material.

More Reasons to Consider a Slate Roof

Besides lower energy bills, the additional benefits of slate roofing begin with its gorgeous appearance. This natural stone roofing material is unsurpassed in beauty. Several different types of slate are used, so your options include rich earth tones and those with lighter, almost pastel hues. Slate will boost the appearance of an attractive home from good to great instantly!

Secondly, slate roofing is very durable. As noted, it is expected to last 75+ years and requires very little maintenance as well. It’s longevity helps reduce long-term slate roof prices when you realize you won’t be replacing your roof every 15-25 years which is common with even the best asphalt shingles. That’s 3-5 roofs in 75 years! Slate holds up very well to the elements and provides excellent protection for your home.

Slate Roof Prices

Slate is quite expensive, with roofing costs ranging from $8-$12 per square foot when installed. There are a few cost factors that affect the final price. The more rare the slate color and type are, the more it will cost. A roof installation on very steep roofs will cost more than for roofs with less slope because additional equipment and more time will be required for the job.

Knowing the cost of the roofing materials you are considering might help in budgeting for a roof if you know you’ll need to replace one in the years ahead. For more specific slate roof prices as you make your decision, consider getting several slate roof cost quotes from contractors that specialize in installing slate roofs.  If a slate roof is in the budget, you’ll be very happy with its appearance, durability and the energy cost savings it will produce in your home.

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