Most Common Roof Repair Costs and How Long they Take to Complete

A roof needs regular maintenance like any other parts of your home including the HVAC system and the yard. Here’s an overview of the most common roofing repair jobs and how long you can expect a contractor to be on the job.

Replacement of Damaged of Missing Shingles

If you’ve had a heavy storm involving high winds or hail, there’s a good chance you’ve had damage to a limited number of shingles. Rather than replace the entire roof, a contractor might suggest replacing only the missing or damaged shingles. If just a handful of shingles need replacing, it might take an hour or two. For significant repairs, a roofer or team might be at your home for half a day. Once you’ve got about 25% to 35% of the shingles to replace, it might be more cost effective to replace the entire roof. This is because fitting new shingles into an existing shingle pattern is much more time consuming than installing new shingles – and contractors bid jobs by time as well as the materials required.

Gutter Replacement

If you’ve got a bad stretch of gutter or downspout, an experienced roofer can usually replace it in less than one hour. To replace gutters on an entire home – say and average 2,000 square foot home – an experienced crew of 2-3 can certainly do it in a day.

Reflashing a Chimney

Replacing flashing is a time-consuming job. It might involve removing the shingles closest to the chimney as well as some of the chimney siding. To do the job properly might take a roofing contractor the better part of a day to finish.

Finding and Repairing a Leak

Finding the leak is the tough part! Sometimes the entry point of the water is nearly invisible d. Tracing it from where it is entering your home to the source can be very tough. It may take an experienced contractor a day to find it – and 20 minutes to fix it. The search is the key.

Adding Ventilation

When a roof goes bad before its time, bad attic ventilation is often the key. Adding ridge vent, soffit vents or gable vents to an entire home will take a 2-person crew one to two days to complete.


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