Metal Roofing vs. Asphalt Shingles, It Pays To Compare

While asphalt shingles remain the top choice in the roofing industry, many homeowners are considering metal roofing for its many outstanding qualities. Metal roofs are attractive and extremely durable. Metal roofing prices are becoming more competitive. How does metal roofing stack up head to head with asphalt shingles in all the important areas?  Let’s take a look.

Price of Metal Roofing vs. Asphalt Shingles

On price alone, you can’t beat asphalt shingles. Simple, three-tab asphalt shingles can be had for $70 per square, or 100 square feet of material. Asphalt roofing prices for good shingles are $125-$250 per square based on their quality and durability.

Metal roofing prices range from $450-$650 per square for the material, so 2.5-4 times the cost of good asphalt shingles. If you’re looking at out of pocket expenses right now, an asphalt shingle roof is the cost-effective way to go.

Durability of Metal Roofing vs. Asphalt Shingles

The tables get turned here. Asphalt shingle roofs are reasonably durable, but won’t last nearly as long as metal roofing. Cheap asphalt shingles will last up to 25 years. The best asphalt shingles will last up to 35 years. In climates with lots of hot, sunny weather, the lifespan of the shingle might be only half those numbers.

Roof durability is a big benefit to metal roofing, and a good metal roof will last 50-100 years and possibly longer. Some metal roofs installed more than 100 years ago are still in pretty good condition. So, if you don’t want to ever replace your roof again, then metal roofing is a better choice than asphalt roofing.

Putting Cost and Durability Together

Let’s say that a good-quality asphalt shingle will cost $150 per square and will last 30 years. You’ll replace in in 30 years and the price per square for the same quality shingle will likely be $200 per square or more. So, in 60 years, you’re going to pay an estimated $350 per square for roofing and then need to replace the roof again. Choosing the right roof for your climate also makes a difference and in a very sunny and warm climate, your total costs over 60 years will like be closer to $500-$550 per square with asphalt shingles.

One metal roof will last the 60 years, and you’ll spend, on average, $550 per square for that roof and you might not have to replace it even then. In sunny climates that are hard on shingles, a metal roof is a very viable option in terms of value. When you consider that they can be more energy efficient than shingles, choosing a metal roofing becomes an even more attractive option where it is hot with few cloudy days.

Choosing the Roof that Makes Sense for You

What is your current budget right now? For some homeowners, metal roofing isn’t in the budget, so that makes asphalt roofing a viable alternative. You can also look at ways to save on a roof, to make metal roofing more price friendly if needed.

If either type of roofing is in the budget, then consider these factors. If you don’t have long-term plans for living in the home, then asphalt is a safer bet financially, since you might not get full value from the roof if you move soon. A metal roof might be a selling point for a home, or it might not be. Some prospective buyers might not like the look while others will like the look and realize they might never need to replace it. When you think you might sell, a metal roof is more of a risk.

If you love your home and have no plans to move, then metal roofing might be the right choice. You won’t have to be concerned about roof maintenance as you do with asphalt roofing. And you’ll have a roof on your home that you know will last for many decades to come. With the many new styles available, you can choose a metal roof that has just the look you want.

Some people are concerned about noise with a metal roof. They can be noisy in a hail storm, but those aren’t common. In fact, metal is one of the quietest roofing materials you can buy! In northern climates, when a large sheet of snow and ice slides off the roof, it can make some noise. Otherwise, there’s little difference. Rain might be just a bit louder on metal, but many homeowners enjoy the way it sounds on the roof.

Take time to consider your budget, how long you plan to live in your current home and how much maintenance you’re willing to do or pay for on the roof. Your thoughts on these factors will guide your decision as you consider metal roofing vs. asphalt shingle roofing.

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