Handyman or Roofing Contractor? Who to Call for Minor Roof Repairs

Over the lifespan of a typical roof, a variety of repairs will be required. Most of the roof repairs are minor, but some of them are major and require more than a simple fix. When are the skills of a handyman enough to handle roof repairs, and when should a roofing contractor be called?

Handyman Roof Repairs

There are quite a few repairs that a competent handyman can take care of. It will make sense to call a handyman rather than a roofing contractor because in most cases you’ll save 20% to 40% on the repairs.

Repairs suitable for a handyman include replacing a few shingles that have blown off in a wind storm, fixing minor roof damage near the eaves caused by ice dams, repairing damage to gutters and downspouts, and adding soffit venting to an attic in order to extend the life of your roof sheathing and shingles.

In addition, if you plan to have a new roof put on by a contractor but need to remove a couple of layers of shingles first – a process known as a tear off – a handyman might save you a significant amount on the work. Have the roofing contractor estimate the cost of the new roof with and without tearing off the old shingles and compare the savings to having a handyman do the tear off.

Roofing Contractor Roof Repairs

When it’s time for a new roof, whatever the type, hire a roofing contractor and his/her crew to install it. There are other critical repairs and work that should be left to an experienced, qualified contractor. These jobs include adding ridge vent for attic ventilation, replacing step flashing along chimneys or exterior walls, finding and fixing leaks, and replacing large sections of roof sheathing.

Get Multiple Written Estimates

Some handymen are very handy indeed! And their prices may be quite low. But keep in mind that for major roof repair, having an experienced roofer is the sensible approach. They’ll do the best job. Also importantly, a roofing contractor will likely have the proper license if one is required in your state as well as the insurance that will protect you, the homeowner, in the event that an accident occurs during the work. For minor work, it doesn’t hurt to get estimates from both your handyman and a roofing contractor. For large or difficult repairs, get at least 3 written estimates from professional roofing contractors in your area.


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