Free Slate Shingle Guide for Estimating the Cost of Slate Roofing

Slate is a roofing material that has a long history of use. It is uniquely beautiful and incredibly long lasting. It is also one of the most expensive types of material used in roofing.

Quality slate roofs withstand the elements very well, including rain, wind and hail. Slate roofing is also very low-maintenance, is energy efficient because it reflects rather than absorbs heat, and is an environmentally friendly building material. But how much does it cost? That’s what  Roofing Tutor will  explore in this article.

Slate Roof Price Factors

All slate material is expensive, but some premium stone may be even more expensive than standard stone. You’ll find a range of pricing when you shop for the specific slate you want to use in your project.

Complexity of the Roof:

The more peaks, valleys, gables, hips, and dormers a roof has, the more time it will take to install the slate and the more it will cost. If the roof is very steep and the contractors have to use additional scaffolding or safety equipment, costs may be higher as a result.

Contractor Availability:

When slate roof contractors are busy, their prices may be higher. When they are eager for work, their bids will often be lower. Time of year and the demand for their services will play a role in how much their written estimates are. This is one reason why getting estimates from at least 3 contractors is important – you’ll find the lowest cost for having the job done as well as have the opportunity to evaluate the experience and skill level of the contractors you talk with.

How Much Did You Pay?

Have you had a slate roof installed recently? You’ve got firsthand information that would be a significant help to other readers of the Roofing Tutor. If you’re willing to pass along the details of your experience, it would be greatly appreciated. You can use the form available below.

Tell us about your home. How many square feet is it? How complex is the roof (easy, medium, hard)? What type of slate did you choose? How much did the material cost? How much was labor? Are you satisfied with the roof? Would you recommend slate to others? What suggestions do you have for other readers considering a slate roof?

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