Free Clay Tile Price Guide for Estimating the Cost of Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tiles are not for everybody, however with innovations in design and manufacturing, attractive clay tiles are available in dozens of colors and styles. Clay tiles are now  stronger and more durable too, and 50-year warranties are common. Understanding the history of clay tiles might help you decide if clay is the best way to go for your roofing project.

Seen as a green roofing material that reduces energy use in the home by keeping the roof cool, clay roofs are a more viable option than ever before. Cool roofs are become more popular in almost all regions of the country. Homeowners are looking at them with renewed interest. They require minimal maintenance and may be more cost-effective as a long-term roofing solution than you realized.

Clay Tile Roofing Price Factors

Just how affordable are clay roofs? There are many important factors that will affect the price you pay for the material and installation of a quality clay tile roof. For a ballpark starting price check out How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

Type of Clay Tile:

There are several primary types of clay tile and which one you choose will affect pricing. Traditional tapered Mission-style tiles remain popular but S-Mission tiles, Japanese-style, Turret-style and Interlocking clay roofing tiles are among your other top choices.

Quality of the Clay Tile:

The best clay roofing tiles are backed by warranties of at least 50 years. They also cost more than those with 30-year or 40-year warranties. As with most types of roofing, the better the grade of material, the more it will cost.

Support Material:

Roofs with a steep pitch may require more support material to hold the roof tiles in place. The addition of metal bracketing will increase the cost. If your roof has a pitch greater than 6/12, additional support may be required.

Complexity of the Roof:

The more complex your roof is – the more peaks, valleys, gables, hips, dormers, etc., it has—the more difficult it will be to install the tile. Learn about your roof. Using the same clay tile, one 2,500 square foot home might cost 50% more to roof than another of the same size, if the first roof is much more complex than the second one.

Contractor Availability:

Tile roofing contractors have busy seasons which vary depending on the climate where you live. When contractors are busiest, their prices tend to be higher. When tile roofers are slow, they may offer reduced rates or discounts. Whether you get quotes for the work during a slow time or a busy time can affect the price by up to 25% for the installation part of the job. No matter what time of year you have your clay tile roof installed, it makes sense to get at least 3 written estimates. The process will allow you to find the most professional roofing contractor while also looking for the best price.

What Did You Pay?

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