Does it Really Matter if I Get Multiple Roof Quotes?

We’ve all wondered if it really matters if we get multiple quotes for a home improvement project.  Well, many of us have learned from experience — or at least from statistical studies — that it getting multiple estimates really does make an important difference.  With 3-4 written estimates from companies you’ve checked out ahead of time, you’ll get better roofing prices and find a better contractor.

Getting a Better Price

When contractors know that they are submitting competing bids, they’ll sharpen their pencil a little bit finer as they say, to give you the lowest roof prices possible.  One of the reasons that some roofers go door to door seeking jobs is that they don’t have to compete.  They show up, point out that your roof clearly needs work, present a bid and urge you to make a decision.  They’ve got to move along, and that great price is only available today.  Thankfully, this type of business isn’t practiced much anymore, but the point is clear.  Where there isn’t a competitive bidding process, consumers pay higher roof prices to have their homes re-roofed.

Getting a Better Job

If you randomly choose 3 roofers to give you bids, you aren’t assured of a better job.  But if you do some homework deciding who to call for bids, you will greatly improve your prospects for having a quality roofing job done at a very good price.  Keep in mind that the quality of the job is a large part of how well the roof will protect your home and how long the roof will last.  A poorly done roofing job can lead to major problems including structural damage in your attic, leaks into your living space that ruin drywall and everything else it soaks into, and a roof that will need to be repaired or replaced in a very short period of time.  A cheap roofing price might become very expensive before you know it.

If you want to ensure a job of the highest quality, do some research into the companies you get quotes from.  Ask for recommendations from friends and only consider companies you hear multiple good things about.  Check Angie’s List or other review site.  Call the Better Business Bureau to check up on companies.  Call references, but that is the least effective method of finding a good contractor because even a company without a good overall track record has likely done 2 or 3 decent jobs in the last 5 years.

Call the contractors ahead of time and ask questions about their experience, the quality and skill of their crews, their typical work schedule, whether or not they offer a warranty on their labor, etc.  Listen to the answers and also get a feel for the professionalism the contractors demonstrate.

Targeted Multiple Estimates

When you take the time to evaluate contractors before you get reviews, you’ll get a higher quality group of roofing contractors to select from.  Targeted multiple estimates is a much better way to go than random multiple estimates or single estimates.  Your diligence will pay when you find a contractor you can trust who will reward your confidence with a job done right the first time and at a fair and reasonable price.

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