Do Seamless Guter Prices Drop when Having a New Roof Installed?

When it’s time for a new roof, does it also make sense to have the gutters and downspouts replaced? You might find that it is cost-effective, and there may be other reasons to consider having the work done when having a new roof installed.

Prices Might Be Lower

Most roofing contractors also install gutters and downspouts. Since they already plan to be at the job site with their equipment and crew, they will have the ability to offer a very competitive estimate for doing the gutters. To receive the best price for both the roofing work and the gutters/downspouts, get at least 3 competing bids. Let each contractor know you are getting multiple bids for the work. They’ll do their best to quote you the lowest price when they know others will be too.

Seamless Gutters are Superior to Older Styles

Today’s seamless gutters are the right choice for your home. Older gutters and downspouts with seams and joints are prone to leaking or separating, especially if in poor condition to begin with. If you have a gutter break during a heavy rain storm, a flooded basement might be the result. During a heavy storm, hundreds of gallons of water run off your roof into the gutter system. If a gutter failure happens, all that water might be dumped in one location next to your foundation. Water can find even small cracks in the basement wall and produce huge problems. Here is a short video explaining what are seamless gutters?

New Gutters are the Best Protection for your Investment

New roofs are not cheap, as you know. In 2-story homes, some of the gutters run on top of the roof, down to the lower level and to the ground. Old gutters can’t be trusted to handle the water. If there’s a break, the water will run onto the lower section of roof. Roof valleys are especially prone to leaks, even on properly installed roofs, when they are forced to handle more water than they are designed for. A leak might result that will damage roof sheathing and joists, attic insulation, ceiling drywall, flooring and much more.

What to Ask your Roofing Contractor

Treat the gutters just as seriously as the roof, though gutters usually cost less than 25% of what a roof costs. Ask the roofing contractor if he is an experienced gutter installer or if it’s something he only does on occasional jobs. Ask how long he’s been doing it and how many jobs he does a year. If you aren’t comfortable with the answers, find another roofer or a gutter specialist to do the work.

It Never Hurts to Compare Gutter Estimates

Even if your roofing contractor is experienced with gutters, it won’t hurt to also get several estimates for gutters from gutter specialists. Compare costs and you’ll get expert work done at the best possible prices. Also make sure to check your local papers for specials that might be offered in your area.

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