7 Ways to Save Money on a New Roof?

Homeowners that know where to look can find ways to get a very good deal on roofing materials and installation from a Contractor.  In this roofing guide we explore several ways that you can save money on your next new roofing.

Choose Roofing Materials that are On Sale or Offer Rebates

Manufacturers of roofing materials put their top products on sale periodically.  If you can find a deal on the type of roofing material you want, this could save you 10% to 20% alone. If your home is not in imminent need of a new roof, ask your roofing contractor to let you know when the roofing product you want goes on sale.  You may also have a wholesale building materials dealer in your area.  If you establish a relationship with them, they can also keep an eye out for deals or discounts on the shingles, shakes, slate, tile or other roofing product you want to install on your home. I just built a new house. I used 11% off when I bought the shingles and many other big ticket items. I ended up saving thousands of dollars before it was done.

Choose a Time when Contractors Aren’t Busy

Roofers are busiest when the weather is best.  If you approach roofing contractors when business is slower, you are likely to get lower bids.  Slow times for roofers will vary depending on the climate where you live.  Late winter or early spring is a good time usually, and so is late fall in most climates. Make sure to ask your contractor about outside temps affecting the product you want installed. Shingles may be better is slightly warmer weather where as a metal roof would not have to consider the temperatures.

Get Competing Estimates

It always makes sense to let contractors know that you are getting multiple estimates.  They’ll realize that if they want the business they’ll have to provide an attractive estimate that it will be hard for you to pass up.

Ask for a Better Price

You might be surprised how often this works.  View a written estimate from a roofing contractor as an offer from them.  You can take it, leave it, or make a counter offer.  Negotiating and bargaining can be effective ways to save money on a new roof.

Barter or Trade

What skills do you have that a roofing contractor might need or want?  What can you offer in exchange for the partial or entire cost of the roof?  Skills that might be attractive to roofers are too numerous to list exhaustively but include: tax preparation, landscaping, house painting, bookkeeping, horseriding or ice skating lessons for his kids, catering, planning a wedding, photographing a wedding or event, providing flowers for the wedding, asphalt or concrete work, etc.  Look for win-win situations as a way to save money on a new roof.

Watch for Coupons

Roofers occasionally offer coupons for discounted services.  You might find it in the classified of the local paper or on the contractor’s website.  Visit the places that contractors in your area advertise — most of which can be accessed online — and see what’s being offered.

File an Insurance Claim

Does your roof have damage that can be directly attributed to a storm rather than to normal wear and tear?  If so, you may get reimbursed for some of your expenses by your insurance company.  Your roofer will have a good idea of whether or not the damage justifies an insurance claim and whether or not such a claim would be successful.  He knows this from his experience repairing or replacing roofs with insurance claims. If your roof has been damaged by wind, wind-driven rain, hail, or falling debris, you may have a claim.

What Would You Add?

Which of these 7 ways to save money on a new roof apply to you will depend on your specific circumstances of course. All of them are worth considering.  If just 2 or 3 of them work for you, the savings on a new roof can amount to 25% or more.  Be proactive in your pursuit of a lower price and you are likely to succeed.

Finally, share what other ways to save you would suggest.

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