Roofing Terms, Identification and Frequent Questions

Part of our purpose on this site is to educate our readers about roofs, roofing materials, and types and parts of the roof.  This guide covers those ares and more.  This practical information will help you understand roofing basics so that whether you handle maintenance and repairs yourself or hire a roofer, you’ll have the knowledge you need to stay in control of the decision-making process and get the best results.


Parts of a Roof

Identifying Parts of a Roof It is important for homeowners to know the parts of a roof so that they can discuss their roofing needs with a roofer in an informed way.  This roof guide covers the parts of the roof with a brief explanation of each.  We start beneath the surface of the roof […]


Structural Roof Types

Structural Types of Roofs There are many different types of roofs used on homes and other buildings.  The purpose of this roof guide is to list and briefly explain roof types to give you an understanding of your own roof – or if you are considering building a home, what your options are. We start […]


Gutters and Gutter Materials

Gutters and Types of Gutter Materials Gutters are found on most homes and they serve an important function.  This roofing guide takes a look at the purpose of gutters and the various materials that gutters are made from. The Importance of Gutters All of the rainwater that falls on your home’s roof will travel through […]


Attics and Chimneys

Attics and Chimneys Some of the most significant roofing damage that occurs is the result of problems with attics and chimneys.  We’ll take a look at chimneys and attics in this roofing guide and discuss how you can prevent them from causing problems for your roof. Chimneys The problem with chimneys is that the roof […]