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Roof Moss

Roof Moss | Moss Removal and Prevention

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Since I live in the northern part of the country we have a lot of moss on our roofs our trees our rocks well you get it we have a lot of moss. Moss on the roof is unsightly and not good for your roof.... more

Concrete Tile Roof

Concrete Tile Roofing-Pros and Cons of a Concrete Tile Roof

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Tile roofs are both beautiful and durable. Clay tiles are a traditional roofing material that is used widely in the southwest, but concrete tile is gaining in popularity all over the country. Concrete... more


Replacing Shingles on Low Sloped Roofs vs. Steep Sloped Roofs, Which Costs More?

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There are many types of roof structures and the cost to install one depends much on the steepness or slope. Roofers use the term “walkable” to describe a roof with a slope that isn’t too steep to... more


Hurricane Preparedness Kit For Roofs

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When hurricane season hits, it might take aim at your roof, tearing off shingles and leaving your home vulnerable to driving rain and wind. Having a Hurricane Preparedness Kit for your roof makes a lot... more


Skylights in a Metal Roof, Installation Costs and Warnings

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Skylights add natural light as well as interest to any home. They give it a distinctive look both inside and outside. You’ve got two options for adding a new skylight. Doing it during the installation... more


Metal Roofing Colors, Does the Color Affect the Cost?

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If you are in the market for metal roofing, a full spectrum of color choices awaits you. It’s never been easier to find the right shade to complete the outside of your home and give it exactly the look... more


New Roofing Scams, Don’t be Fooled by Popular Scams

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Roofing scams have been around a long time. The tactics of roofing scammers are well-known. Here’s what to look for and how you can defend against popular roofing scams. 1. The Disappearing Down Payment One... more


Slate Roofing, Can It Decrease My Energy Costs?

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Slate roofing is a green roofing product that will definitely reduce your energy use and your energy costs. However, slate roof prices are among the highest for any roofing material. If your priority is... more

Eco Friendly Rooofing

Eco-Friendly Roofing, Top 4 Green Roof Construction Products

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If you are in the market for an environmentally-friendly roofing product, the good news is that you’ve got very good options in any price range. Here is a look at the top 4 green roof types for your... more

Corrugated Metal Roofing, Can It Be The Most Cost Effective Choice?

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Corrugated metal roofing is growing in popularity because it has many things going for it. Metal is tough and durable. New styles are very attractive. And if you’re looking at the long-term, corrugated... more

Roof Leak Repair, 8 Things You Can Do While Waiting for the Repairman

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So your roof has sprung a leak! What can you do to stem the flow of water while waiting for a roofer to make repairs?  Here are 8 quick fixes that, while not permanent, will help prevent water damage... more

Commercial vs. Residential Roofs, Who Ya Gonna Call?

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Not all roofing contractors do the same type of work. There are commercial roofing contractors and those that do residential roofing. Even with those two separate categories you’ll find specialists that... more

Replacing Your Roof, 5 Signs That It’s Time

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No roofing material lasts forever. Deciding when to replace your roof is an important consideration. Replacing it too soon will mean you don’t get the full value from your investment. Waiting too long... more

Metal Roofing vs. Asphalt Shingles, It Pays To Compare

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While asphalt shingles remain the top choice in the roofing industry, many homeowners are considering metal roofing for its many outstanding qualities. Metal roofs are attractive and extremely durable.... more

Slate Roofing

Life Span of Different Roof Materials

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Are you looking for a long-lasting roof? Or do you plan to sell in 10-15 years and want good value for a shorter period of time? This brief overview of the lifespan of various roofing materials will help... more

Chimney Cap

Having a Chimney Cap Installed to Keep Birds out of the Fireplace

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Chimneys can become a nesting spot for birds, raccoons, squirrels and other animals. Not knowing they are there or have built a nest there can lead to a variety of dangerous situations. These include opening... more

Seamles Gutter

Do Seamless Guter Prices Drop when Having a New Roof Installed?

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When it’s time for a new roof, does it also make sense to have the gutters and downspouts replaced? You might find that it is cost-effective, and there may be other reasons to consider having the work... more

Roof Repairman

Handyman or Roofing Contractor? Who to Call for Minor Roof Repairs

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Over the lifespan of a typical roof, a variety of repairs will be required. Most of the roof repairs are minor, but some of them are major and require more than a simple fix. When are the skills of a handyman... more

Roof Repairs

Most Common Roof Repair Costs and How Long they Take to Complete

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A roof needs regular maintenance like any other parts of your home including the HVAC system and the yard. Here’s an overview of the most common roofing repair jobs and how long you can expect a contractor... more

Oil PRices

How Much Does the Price of Oil Affect the Cost of a New Roof

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We got to talking about gas and oil prices the other day. Someone asked if we thought oil prices affect the cost of a roof. Well we did some thinking and Roofing Tutor came up with this short article on... more

Spring Roof Inspection

Springtime Inspection of your Roof for Damages and General Repairs

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Springtime roof inspection is a vital part of home maintenance. Getting a good look at your roof, flashing, chimney, gutters and downspouts will ensure your home is in good condition when the spring storms... more

Roof Inspection

Inspecting Your Roof After a Hurricane, Where to Look for Roofing Damages

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  Inspecting your roof after a hurricane is vitally important. You want to find and fix any damage as quickly as possible so your roof isn’t vulnerable to the next rain storm. After a hurricane,... more

Roof Damage

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Damage from a Hurricane?

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As the recent hurricane bore down on the East Coast, homeowners were scrambling to find their homeowners insurance policies to find out whether the impending damage would be covered. They were asking questions... more

12 Year old Fiberglas Shingles Wind Damage

Common Roofing Damages Caused by Hurricanes and High Winds

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Hurricane, tropical storms and windstorms are devastating to roofs. High winds tear off shingles and other roofing material and leave the wood roof deck vulnerable to the damaging effects of rain. In some... more

Home Owners Insurance

Filing an Insurance Claim for Roof Damages

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Filing an insurance claim for roof damages is a common event for many homeowners. Every season brings conditions that can damage a roof. Spring winds and tornadoes, summer hail storms and lightning strikes,... more

Tornado's Minor Roof Damage

Can a Roof Get Damaged By a Tornado, Even if it’s a Few Blocks Away?

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There’s a myth about tornadoes that they can destroy one home and leave the home next door absolutely free of damage. In reality, this rarely, if ever, happens. The winds that produce the devastation... more

Track Houses

The Best Roofing Material for Your Region

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What’s the best type of roofing for your region? Where you live helps determine which types of roofing material are right for your home. There’s certainly a lot of overlap, but it will help you make... more

Cedar Shake Roofing

Which Roofing Material Fits Your Budget Best?

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Over the past several weeks we at Roofing Guide have been looking at most of the top roofing materials and the cost of installing each of them. This article is designed to give you a review of those articles... more

Slate Roofing

Free Slate Shingle Guide for Estimating the Cost of Slate Roofing

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Slate is a roofing material that has a long history of use. It is uniquely beautiful and incredibly long lasting. It is also one of the most expensive types of material used in roofing. Quality slate roofs... more

Cedar Shake Roofing

Free Wood Shingles and Shakes Price Guide for Estimating the Cost of Wood Shingles and Shakes Roofing

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We at Roofing Tutor have been reviewing different roofing materials and their costs. This review is on Wood Shingles.Wood shingles and shakes have many excellent qualities as roofing materials.  They... more

roof shingle

Asphalt Shingle Price Guide for Estimating the Cost of Asphalt Shingle Roofing

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Asphalt shingles continue to be the most widely used type of roofing on today’s homes.  They are easy to install, very durable, and come in dozens of colors and styles to give each home the look desired.... more

Clay Roofing

Free Clay Tile Price Guide for Estimating the Cost of Clay Tile Roofing

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Clay tiles are not for everybody, however with innovations in design and manufacturing, attractive clay tiles are available in dozens of colors and styles. Clay tiles are now  stronger and more durable... more

Metal Roof

Metal Roof Price Guide for Estimating the Cost of Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing continues to gain popularity as homeowners discover its many advantages. As of Jan 2014 the number of new construction jobs using metal roofing jumped to over 11%. If you think of metal roofing... more

Roof Damage

Quick Fixes for a Leaking Roof

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We have all awoke in the middle of the night during a storm and wondered if the roof is holding on. Well in many cases the answer is no its not. If you are like the thousands of folks who experience small... more

Winter Roof Repair

How to Repair a Roof In the Winter

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Many homeowners are of the impression that if their roof is damaged in the winter, all they can do is to tarp the roof and wait for spring. But that isn’t true! Roof repair can be done in the winter... more

snow guards

Roof Snow Guards, Are they Really Needed?

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If you are familiar with roof snow guards you may be asking, “Are they really needed?”  Or perhaps you’ve never heard of them.  In this Roofing Tutor guide, you’ll discover what snow guards are... more

roof ice dam

Does Ice Dams Cause Damage to the Roof or Shingles?

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With winter on its way, many homeowners are concerned about the effects snow and ice can have on their home, especially their roof.  Can snow damage a roof and shingles?  The answer, unfortunately, is... more

roof snow removal

Roof Snow Removal, 3 Ways to Get the Snow off Your Roof

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Winter is on the way, and with it comes snow and the possible damage it can cause to your roof.  There are certain times when removing snow from a roof is a good idea.  If the roof is not rated for heavy... more

winter roof

Does IT Cost More For a New Roof in the Winter

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Does it cost more for a new roof in the winter?  Having your home re-roofed is expensive enough without additional costs due to winter weather.  However, there are times when winter finally shows the... more


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

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When severe hail causes damage to roofing materials, we often wonder… Does homeowners insurance cover hail damage?  The answer, as is often the case when dealing with insurance, is that it depends! ... more


What Can a Homeowner Do to Extend Roof Life?

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Perhaps you’ve just had a new roof installed and the price of it has motivated you to find out how to make it last.  There are steps that handy homeowners can take to extend roof life by as much... more


Which Roofing Materials Last the Longest?

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The value of a roof is greatly increased when it lasts a long time.  The roofing materials that last the longest and have the greatest longevity actually turn out to be the least expensive when costs... more


What is the Quietest Roofing Material Type?

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No one wants to wear ear muffs to drown out the sound of a noisy roof!  A gentle rain is nice to hear, but when the roof has a cheap and hollow sound to it, rain can sound foreboding rather than relaxing. Noise... more

attic fan

Can An Attic Vent Fan Extend the Life of a Roof?

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Many homeowners have heard discouraging news from roofing contractors telling them their roof is ruined years before it should need to be replaced.  The cause is often excessive heat or moisture in the... more

7 Ways to Save Money on a New Roof?

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Homeowners that know where to look can find ways to get a very good deal on roofing materials and installation from a Contractor.  In this roofing guide we explore several ways that you can save money... more

Does it Really Matter if I Get Multiple Roof Quotes?

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We’ve all wondered if it really matters if we get multiple quotes for a home improvement project.  Well, many of us have learned from experience — or at least from statistical studies —... more


How Long Does it Take to Get a Roofing Quote?

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If you are in need of a new roof, perhaps you are wondering how long it takes to get a roofing quote. Depending on how much research you put into the process yourself, you should be able to get a roofing... more

roof tech

What Can I expect in the Process of Getting a Roof Quote?

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If it’s time for a new roof, you may be wondering what you can expect in the process of getting a roof quote.  From who to call, the questions you should be asking and of course what may be asked... more

hail balls

Can Hail Really Damage a Roof?

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Some homeowners may wonder if hail can really damage a roof until they see the effects of a serious hail storm.  Hail that is roughly 1″ in diameter and larger can cause hail damage to roofs, fan... more

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

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Having a new or replacement roof installed is a large expense for most homeowners.  This roofing guide looks at the major factors in the cost of a new roof. 1. The Type of Roofing Material This is the... more


How to Pay for a New Roof

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Having a new roof installed is expensive and many homeowners wonder what the best way to pay for the roof might be.  The options we discuss in this roof guide are the most common ways that homeowners... more

10 Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before You Sign a Contract!

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Choosing a roofing contractor is an important decision because having a roof installed or replaced is expensive, and a roof is designed to last from 20-50 years depending on its type. These 10 questions... more


Where to Find a Qualified and Trustworthy Roofing Contractor

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There are many places you could find a roofing contractor but they won’t all yield the same quality of results.  Making a random choice of roofers from the phone book will yield very random results. ... more


Knowing When to Call in a Roofing Contractor

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Many homeowners have the skills and tools to work on their own homes, doing maintenance, repairs and renovations.  There are times, however, when calling a professional in to handle a problem makes sense.... more