Metal, Aluminum and Steel Roofing

In the 1700‘s, metal roofing was common, with steel, copper, and lead being popular materials. In the 1900‘s metal roofing was used primarily on farmhouses and other rural homes, being thought of as mostly functional, with little aesthetic quality.

Now however, there is a resurgence in the use of metal roofing.  New styles and techniques have made metal roofing very popular.  A list of strengths includes many qualities.  Metal roofing is:

  • Attractive, with many new styles giving homes unique looks.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • Able to hold up to all types of harsh weather and withstand heavy snow loads.
  • Nearly maintenance free.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Made from 60% to 70% recyclable material (and in some cases, recycled material).
  • Lightweight, allowing installation without having to remove old roofing.
  • Energy-efficient, absorbing 35% less heat than asphalt shingles, reducing energy bills.

Metal Roofing Description

Metal roofing today is made from steel, aluminum and copper for the most part.  Sheets of various size and design are fastened to one another and to the roof to provide a stable, durable covering.  While installing metal roofing can be a DIY project, most homeowners hire a roofer with good experience in installing them.  Doing the job correctly is a key to how well they will perform in the long run.

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that metal roofing is quite light, weighing about 1/4 that of a slate rough and 1/2 that of asphalt tile roofing.  It is also grounded and does not represent a significant threat from lightning.

Metal roof material comes in many styles and designs.  Traditional metal standing seam roofs are most common, but new designs include metal tile roofs, metal shingle roofs and metal roofing material made to look like wood shakes.

Cost of Metal Roofing

This affordable roofing material may cost as little as $1 per square foot, though most metal roofing costs between $3 and $12 per square foot, or $300 to $1,200 per roofing square (100 square feet of material).  While this material cost is higher than asphalt shingles or wood shingles, the durability of metal roofing makes it a good long-term value.

Metal Roofing Longevity

When metal roofing is properly installed, it’s longevity is at least 50 years, the standard length of a metal roof warranty.  Metal roofing that lasts more than 100 years is very common.

Where is Metal Roofing Used?

Metal roofing is now being used all over the United States, on homes of all types. It is especially useful in wooded areas where falling branches and debris may damage other roofing styles.  It is also a good choice in damp climates where other roofing materials would be prone to harbor moss or even mold.  Those in snowy regions often choose metal roofing for its ability to shed snow and hold up under the weight; those in sunny regions are choosing metal roofing because it absorbs far less heat energy than asphalt roofing.


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