Roof Repair Guides

Our purpose in this section is to familiarize you with the most common types of problems you will encounter with roofs, chimneys and gutters.  You’ll learn what can go wrong with roofs and also what to look for so that you can spot problem areas before damage is caused or your roof begins to leak. You may find that you are comfortable doing some of the roof maintenance and repairs discussed, depending on your skills and the time you have to take on the project.

An experienced roofer will have the skills and tools to identify and repair all of these problems, so if you run into something you don’t want to tackle, call a roofing contractor to look at it and give you an exact estimate for repairs.  This roof repair guide will give you the information you need to discuss your roofing issues with the contractor and come to a solution that makes the best sense for your home.


Common Roof Problems

Common Roof Problems In time, every roof will have problems if it is not maintained or gets old enough.  If the roofer does a poor job of installing the roof, it will have trouble before it should, even if the homeowner does a good job of maintenance.  In this roofing guide we discuss the 5 […]


Inspecting Your Roof

Inspecting Your Roof Inspecting the roof is an important part of preventative maintenance on your home that will save you a substantial amount of money, time and hassle in the coming years.  Finding normal wear and tear issues before they become problems, and identifying minor problems before they become major repair problems is the purpose […]


Finding a Roof Leak

Finding a Roof Leak Finding a roof leak can be quite a challenge even if you know how to go about it. Water, once it gets beneath shingles or inside flashing, can travel along the roof deck for quite a distance before it finds an opening to leak into an attic or into your living […]


Gutter Repairs

Gutter Repair and Maintenance Gutters are an essential part of a home’s exterior.  They handle an enormous amount of water and deposit it where you want it to go — preferably away from your home’s foundation.  When gutters fail, a wet basement and other problems can be the result.  This roofing guide looks at gutter […]