Skylights in a Metal Roof, Installation Costs and Warnings

Skylights add natural light as well as interest to any home. They give it a distinctive look both inside and outside. You’ve got two options for adding a new skylight. Doing it during the installation of a new metal roof or waiting until some future date after the roof has been installed.

If you have the skylights installed at the same time you’re having the roof replaced, you’ll save money on the project as well as reduce the potential for leaks in the future. Here’s an overview of the problems associated with skylights, why it’s best to add them when installing a new roof and what you can expect skylight prices to be when you get an estimate.

Potential Skylight Problems

There are several problems associated with skylights. The first and most concerning to most homeowners is that they can leak if not properly installed. When you consider how much water cascades down a roof during a heavy rain, you can see why this might be a problem. With all that water, if there’s a way for it to get into your home, it will create a mess. Homeowners with skylights have more roof leak repairs, and the windows are the primary source of the leaks.

Secondly, Windows off all types contribute to energy loss in a home. Heat rises, and when the window is in the roof, it has the potential to lose more heat than a window in the wall. In summer, the sun can pour thorough a skylight and heat up the house, creating a higher demand for air conditioning. Both situations lead to higher utility bills. The key to minimizing this problem is to purchase a high-quality skylight with thermal glass designed to reduce energy loss.

Thirdly, A skylight is a weak spot in the roof. Should a large tree branch or other heavy debris fall onto your roof, it might shatter the window and penetrate your home.

Advantages of Installing Skylights During Roof Installation

The best way to prevent leaks is to get the skylight’s built-in flashing beneath the roofing material and flush to the roof. When this is done, it will eliminate much of the potential for leaks.

As you can imagine, it is much more difficult to insert this flashing under existing roofing than it is to properly install it first and add the roof later. That’s why skylight installation during roof replacement is the ideal time. This is especially true with metal roofing because the roofing material is inflexible. You can’t manipulate it like you can asphalt shingles.

The Installed Cost of a Skylight

The size and type of the skylight will affect pricing. Expect to get skylight price quotes of $800-$1,200 for having a skylight installed after the roof is already on. Installation during roof replacement will cost less because it takes much less time, another good reason to consider adding window installation cost to the metal roofing cost at this time.

Are you planning to replace your current roof with a metal roof?  Have you been thinking about adding skylights to your home?  It might be wise to have the skylights and roof installed at the same time to reduce the risk of future leaks and to save money on installation costs.

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