Roofing Contractors and Companies

Whatever type of roof you choose, from inexpensive asphalt shingles to pricey tile or slate, the quality of the installation will have a huge impact on how well the roof performs and how long it lasts.  Finding a qualified roofer with a skilled crew is an essential part of the process.

In this section of the roofing guide we discuss some of the important things to look for in contractors you might consider to do the work on your home.  They need to be properly licensed and they must have the types of insurance we mention in that section.  In addition, there are special tools and special skills that good roofers will have that set them apart from the local handyman who is a jack of all trades but master of none.  You want the contractor you choose to know what he is doing and to have the skills and tools to get it done right the first time.  These articles will help you make a decision that will prove to be a good one in the years ahead.


Roofer Licenses and Insurance

Roofer Licenses and Insurance Before you hire a roofer to do any work on your roof, it is essential that you know they are insured and licensed if necessary.  In this Roofing Tutor guide we take a look at what these terms mean and how they protect you as the homeowner. Roofers License States vary […]


Tools and Skills

Roofer Tools and Skills Like all skilled labor, roofing requires a specific set of skills along with general tools and a few specialized tools. Gone are the days that your roofing contractor will show up with a single extension ladder and a hammer and shovel. Although they are still widely used, most professional roofing contractors […]