Roof Leak Repair, 8 Things You Can Do While Waiting for the Repairman

So your roof has sprung a leak! What can you do to stem the flow of water while waiting for a roofer to make repairs?  Here are 8 quick fixes that, while not permanent, will help prevent water damage to the roof deck and to the interior of your home. They address the most common […]

Handyman or Roofing Contractor? Who to Call for Minor Roof Repairs

Over the lifespan of a typical roof, a variety of repairs will be required. Most of the roof repairs are minor, but some of them are major and require more than a simple fix. When are the skills of a handyman enough to handle roof repairs, and when should a roofing contractor be called? Handyman […]

Springtime Inspection of your Roof for Damages and General Repairs

Springtime roof inspection is a vital part of home maintenance. Getting a good look at your roof, flashing, chimney, gutters and downspouts will ensure your home is in good condition when the spring storms hit. Roofing Tutor created a brief guide to springtime roof inspection and general repairs. Shingles and Roofing Material: Look for missing […]