Common Roofing Damages Caused by Hurricanes and High Winds

Hurricane, tropical storms and windstorms are devastating to roofs. High winds tear off shingles and other roofing material and leave the wood roof deck vulnerable to the damaging effects of rain. In some cases, roofs can be torn off completely, even where hurricane straps are in use. Here are common roofing damages caused by hurricanes […]

Filing an Insurance Claim for Roof Damages

Filing an insurance claim for roof damages is a common event for many homeowners. Every season brings conditions that can damage a roof. Spring winds and tornadoes, summer hail storms and lightning strikes, heavy fall rains and the snow and ice of winter may all cause major roof damage. In this roofing guide, we outline […]

Can a Roof Get Damaged By a Tornado, Even if it’s a Few Blocks Away?

There’s a myth about tornadoes that they can destroy one home and leave the home next door absolutely free of damage. In reality, this rarely, if ever, happens. The winds that produce the devastation are simply too powerful to be so precise. This myth has been discussed at length at 10 Dangerous Tornado Myths. If […]