Metal Roofing Colors, Does the Color Affect the Cost?

If you are in the market for metal roofing, a full spectrum of color choices awaits you. It’s never been easier to find the right shade to complete the outside of your home and give it exactly the look you want. When it comes to roofing colors, will your metal roofing cost be affected by […]

Eco-Friendly Roofing, Top 4 Green Roof Construction Products

If you are in the market for an environmentally-friendly roofing product, the good news is that you’ve got very good options in any price range. Here is a look at the top 4 green roof types for your home or business and their costs. Cheapest Eco-Friendly Roofing Material: Asphalt Shingles Most asphalt shingles are not […]

Replacing Your Roof, 5 Signs That It’s Time

No roofing material lasts forever. Deciding when to replace your roof is an important consideration. Replacing it too soon will mean you don’t get the full value from your investment. Waiting too long can lead to costly repairs of the underlying roof deck or even the interior of your home. The price you have to […]

The Best Roofing Material for Your Region

What’s the best type of roofing for your region? Where you live helps determine which types of roofing material are right for your home. There’s certainly a lot of overlap, but it will help you make a good long-term decision about roofing material if you understand how each type handles the climate in your area. […]