Do Seamless Guter Prices Drop when Having a New Roof Installed?

When it’s time for a new roof, does it also make sense to have the gutters and downspouts replaced? You might find that it is cost-effective, and there may be other reasons to consider having the work done when having a new roof installed. Prices Might Be Lower Most roofing contractors also install gutters and […]

Most Common Roof Repair Costs and How Long they Take to Complete

A roof needs regular maintenance like any other parts of your home including the HVAC system and the yard. Here’s an overview of the most common roofing repair jobs and how long you can expect a contractor to be on the job. Replacement of Damaged of Missing Shingles If you’ve had a heavy storm involving […]

Roof Snow Removal, 3 Ways to Get the Snow off Your Roof

Winter is on the way, and with it comes snow and the possible damage it can cause to your roof.  There are certain times when removing snow from a roof is a good idea.  If the roof is not rated for heavy snow, it may be in danger of collapsing, though this happens on barns […]