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Meet the Roofing Tutor, aka Dave! After 30 years in the construction industry and numerous people asking the same questions over and over, we decided it was time to share the volumes of both DIY’er tips and industry knowledge with anyone who wanted to read it! Thus… the birth of the Roofing Tutor website.

On this page of our roofing guide, we’ll try to help you understand all that you can find at the Roofing Tutor website. If you ever find yourself unable to locate the information you need, the search box at the top of the site can help, or you can always contact us and ask Dave personally!

Sections of Our Site

We are always hard at work to make these main sections of our site the best source of roofing information you’ll find!

Within each main section above, there are several volumes of detailed roofing guides, related to it. We encourage you to browse, read and contribute at your own pace, and as always, if you don’t find what you were looking for, contact us and suggest a new guide for the Roofing Tutor!

Ask the Roofer!

One of the ways we learn what you like to read is by answering your requests! If you have ANYTHING about roofing that you need answered, please Ask the Roofing Expert, and we will try to answer all your questions just as quickly as we can!

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